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Wild Beauty

Lavender Floral Toner

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Embrace the delicate softness of our Lavender Floral Water: A perfect toner for those who experience blemish prone skin. Our Bulgarian Lavender Floral Water is a gentle tonic and refreshing toner balancing oil production, leaving you with a hydrated, balanced, and radiant complexion. Free from harsh chemicals and additives.

Use as a refreshing facial mist, toner after cleansing in the pm or alone as an am cleanser/toner.

How to use

Spray Floral Water to cotton pad and gently swipe soaked cotton pad or ball across your face and neck. Start from the center of your face and work your way outward. May also be used as a hydrating mist, however suggested use as toner to use cotton pad for best application method.

Key Ingredients:

Lavender Floral Water steam distilled.

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