Our Eco-Lux Skin Care Line

Bringing to you an entire collection of Performance Eco-Lux Skin and Body Care that is charged with organic botanicals, plant based peptides and actives to nourish, rejuvenate and transform the way you care for your skin. From the most delicate Facial Serums to the the most elegant Bath Bombs, we offer a truly genuine wellness approach to taking care of your skin.


Wellness Bar Services

Our Brick and Mortar is building its Wellness Team! We currently have a Registered Massage Therapist and a Thai Massage Practitioner on site. Stay tuned for new services coming in Spring 2022!

If you would like to Contact our RMT to inquire or book a session please reach out to 

Stone Wellness Massage

Pam Stone


Wild People Thai Remedy Room

Erin Buchanan


  • Sustainability

    As we designed our Brick and Mortar location we were able to offer a refill program for many of our products. 97% of our packaging is now plastic free! We are mindful of where we source all of our ingredients and participate in Fare Trade practices. All of our shipping materials are made of biodegradable materials or are recycled from our own shipments to reduce our carbon footprint as much s possible.

  • Organic + Wildcrafted

    We continually seek the best natural ingredients based on their efficiency in skin care. Many of our products include organic ingredients however we believe that organic should not be a sales pitch...it should be valued as its ability to perform in skin care. Our wildcrafted ingredients are sourced globally for their native growing. Different qualities are present in the growing origin that plays a key role in their potency and active characteristics.

  • What is our Foundation?

    Beginning in 2014, we embarked on our learning journey in Natural Skin Care. We studied and practiced as a RA (Registered Aromatherapist) which lead our path into the wellbeing of the skin and body. We now hold Certifications in Natural Skin Care Formulation and High Performance Serums and Masks, and Natural Hair Care.

  • Stockists

    We offer offer our products to select stockists throughout Canada. We love to support small businesses, boutiques and other small establishments who provide quality products to their customers! If interested please email us and let us know a bit about your business and how we may be able to support you. For a list of our Stockist please checkout our Stockist listings.