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Wild Beauty

Body Spray

Body Spray

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Indulge yourself in the essence of sustainable luxury, where every spritz transports you to a world of elegance. Our thoughtfully crafted blend of eco-friendly ingredients not only pampers your senses but also cares for the planet. 50ml Glass Bamboo Refillable bottle.

Beach Bum: intoxicating scent is a blend of salted caramel on a bed of pistachio, wrapped up with warmth and sunshine.

Aqua: fresh crisp morning breeze with blend of sweet melon and hint of orange, softening to a powdery rose and a slight woody musk.

Our Body Sprays will be available for refill packets in spring 2024

How to use

Apply at will.

Key Ingredients:

Denatured Alcohol, parfum/organic aroma.

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