Floral Waters/Hydrosols

Floral Waters/Hydrosols

Floral Waters also known as hydrosols or steam distillates are created from the steam distillation of essential oils. They are 100% alcohol free and are not manufactured synthetically.

Hydrosols have similar properties to essential oil but they are more gentle. Hydrosols are soothing and have antiseptic properties making them ideal for skin rashes, burns and after sun care. They are gentle enough to be used on children, elderly and pets.

Hydrosols may be used:

Facial steams/ Facial Mists





Body Spray

Room/Pillow Sprays

Here is a quick formula for a pillow spray for easy and peaceful rest!

Lavender Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray

This formula is much gentler then using essential oils especially for the young and elderly.

125g Lavender Hydrosol

.125g potassium sorbate

Mix together and bottle in a 125ml bottle with spray top. Be sure that your packaging type has been sterilized prior to use. If you decide to add a drop or two of lavender essential oil remember you will require a solubilizer such as polysorbate to disperse in the formula. If you do not include solubilizer you will need to make sure you shake prior to each use as the essential oils will remain on top of the water.

Spray on pillow prior to bedtime. 

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