Rose Floral Water

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Rose Water is one of the most amazing and nutritious natural resource we have to offer our skin! It is renown for its ability to calm sensitive skin, reduce skin inflammation and feed the skin nutrients that penetrate fall below the surface to bring out fresh radiant youthful skin. Used as a toner Rose encourages pores to close naturally and balanced with their own hydration helping to reduce pore size and reduce irritation. Mildly antibacterial it is gentle on blemish/acne prone skin creating a healthy environment for the sebum to balance and perform naturally,  protecting our skin from free radicals and signs of aging. May also be used as room and pillow sprays and body sprays.

Floral Waters are pure and produced through steam distillation of the plant material not synthetically with the use of essential oils.

Floral Waters are bottled in glass and preserved with potassium sorbate.