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Wild Beauty

Moisture Lock Shampoo Bar

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Moisture Lock Conditioning Shampoo Bar, the perfect fusion of cleansing and conditioning power in one bar. Our shampoo bar goes beyond traditional cleansing. It's designed to provide a conditioning while effectively removing impurities and buildup from your hair. Quinoa Protein and Oat Protein work together to strengthen and repair each strand, promoting hair resilience and preventing breakage. The moisturizing properties of Cocoa Butter deeply nourish and hydrate your hair, restoring its natural shine and softness.  Bergamot, Citrus Aroma.

Creamy bubbly it's gentle yet effective, cleansing away impurities without stripping your hair of its natural oils. Eco-friendly, saves 2 bottles of Shampoo providing 60-80 washes.

How to use

Wet your hair thoroughly. Wet the shampoo bar under running water or by rubbing it between your hands. This will activate the ingredients and help create a rich lather. Use the lather from your hands while cupping the bar massage in circular motion around the root of your hair. Place shampoo bar down and work the lather through the root, drawing down through length. No need to rub the lengths of your hair. Rinse well from root to lengths. Follow with conditioner. It is suggested to wet comb hair with conditioner applied to preserve the heath of your locks and provide a smoother combing experience.

Key Ingredients:

SCI, SCS, SLSA, Mango Butter, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter Green Tea Extract, Banana Extract, Panthenol.

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