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Purely nourishing blend of salts and coconut milk to hydrate, soften and relax.  Our soaks are blended with Dead Sea Salt and Himalayan Salt to allow valuable minerals to be replaced and rebalance your skin while drawing out the impurities with our premium Epsom Salts. No natural botanicals added to glass bottles. No clean up required! Singles Recyclable packaging convenient for travelers, occasional spa nighters’ or to pop into a gift as something extra special.  If there are natural botanicals in your selection you are able to pour the soak and leave behind the botanicals in the package for worry and mess free soaks. Our 6 and 16 oz sizes are packaged in thick walled square French glass bottles. Blend Options: Coconut Milk, Goddess, Peace, Hibiscus Highlight Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Sea Salt, Coconut milk
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Cocnut Milk, Goddess, Peace, Hibiscus

Our concentrated formula requires only a couple tablespoons per bath to restore and nourish.
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