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Lemongrass + Sage 15oz
Tahiti 15oz
Goddess 15oz
Satsuma 15oz
Lemongrass + Sage 15oz Refill
Tahiti 15oz Refill
Goddess 15oz Refill
Satsuma 15oz Refill
Lemongrass + Sage 8oz
Tahiti 8oz
Goddess 8oz
Satsuma 8oz
Lemongrass + Sage Refill 8oz
Tahiti Refill 8oz
Goddess Refill 8oz
Satsuma Refill 8oz
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Intensely hydrating formula that completely melts into the skin upon contact.  Our hero, Mango Butter deeply moisturizes, full of naturally occurring omegas and vitamins to nourish and reinforce the natural protective function our skin. We infuse our lotion with Maca, Bamboo, Organic Aloe Vera and Calendula flower extract fortifying and deeply nourishing new skin leaving your skin feeling unbelievably soft and silky smooth . Our lotion refreshes and stimulates the senses with natural origin scent profiles. Key Ingredients: - Mango Butter - Organic Aloe Vera - Maca + Bamboo Extracts - Calendula Flower Extract Properties - Deeply Hydrates - Moisturizes and Protects Suggested Age Range: all ages INGREDIENTS: Aqua, helianthus annuus oil, mangifera indica seed butter, glycerylstearate, cetearyl alcoholsodium stearoyl lactylate, calendula officinalis, cetyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol,salicylic acid, glycerin,sorbic acid, panthenol, lepidium meyenii extract, bambusa vulgaris extract, organic fragrance, mica.
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Lemongrass + Sage 15oz, Tahiti 15oz, Goddess 15oz, Satsuma 15oz, Lemongrass + Sage 15oz Refill, Tahiti 15oz Refill, Goddess 15oz Refill, Satsuma 15oz Refill, Lemongrass + Sage 8oz, Tahiti 8oz, Goddess 8oz, Satsuma 8oz, Lemongrass + Sage Refill 8oz, Tahiti Refill 8oz, Goddess Refill 8oz, Satsuma Refill 8oz

Apply small amount to fingertips and massage into clean skin. Apply at will!
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