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Lavender Floral Water is a great addition to any skin care routine.  Slightly astringent, Lavender may be used on most skin types, particularly oily, acne/problem skin as it encourages balance in the skin tissues.  Maybe used on minor cuts and wounds such as shaving nicks or ingrown hairs. Excellent for use with sport related breakouts on face, forehead, back and shoulders from pesky sweat from equipment wear. 100% Pure Lavender Water. No perfumes added. Mist the face or apply directly to your own pad and wipe away impurities.  
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Dimensions 5.08 × 5.08 × 16.51 cm

100ml Airless Pump, 16oz Refill

Convenient pads allows you to use them am/pm as a cleanser and/or toner on the go or at home. Also available in a glass bottle to mist the face or apply directly to your own pad. Excellent for wiping away moisture, dirt and excess oils after wearing safety masks or other protective gear allowing the skin to breathe, rehydrate and balance without stripping or irritating the skin.
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