Skin So Soft Soap Bars(Sold Out Scents will be back in stock September 15th!)

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Our handcrafted soap are perfect hand size and formulated for use on the entire body. Each bar is hand-cut and stamped everyone unique and rustic. The bars perform well leaving little residue in the tub and shower and remaining the No Goo bar after use as they return to their hardened bar state after use. Colors, stamps and design change with every batch as they are handcrafted and cut for unique bar soap.

3-3.5oz bars

Olive/Coconut/Shea Butter Bars:

Our bars are free from Palm, Synthetics, Dyes and Parabens. Completely natural and in biodegradable clear packaging. These bars are made of Coconut, Olive and Shea Butter with the addition of Kaolin Clay. Our bars are coloured with Micas and intensity or patterns change with each batch. We change up ours micas frequently for fun!