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Wild Beauty Skin & Body

Bath Bomb Diskette

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Our Bubble Bath Bombs are carefully hand made with quality botanicals that will nourish and hydrate with a little bubble and a lot of fizz. Perfect for a night escape in a relaxing bath. These gems will not stain your tub or make for a messy clean up. All ingredients are natural including any scents unless specified in the description below.

80g Diskette (as shown in picture) 

100% Natural Scents

Ritual (Bergamot/Rose/Jasmine)

White Melon (reminiscent of fresh honeydew melon)

Oasis (beautiful soft spa scent)

Eden ( soft floral spa scent)

Bulgarian Lavender



Love Spell


Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, kaolin clay, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, scent, mica, witch hazel.